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Thread: Engine to bolt up to 77 Accord 5peed?

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    Engine to bolt up to 77 Accord 5peed?

    So Im pretty tired of the ol' 77 CVCC.

    Does anyone know the newest engine I can bolt up a 1977 Accord CVCC 5 speed?


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    Re: Engine to bolt up to 77 Accord 5peed?

    I don't think there is another Honda engine out there that will bolt up. Maybe the first gen Prelude?

    Try switching to a Webber carb with the Redline kit. If that doesn't liven things up enough, get a 50-shot nitrous kit...but you know these cars like to blow head gaskets so...maybe not.

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    Re: Engine to bolt up to 77 Accord 5peed?

    There's no engine that will go in that car that you will be happy with if you're not happy with the current engine. If you get a newer Accord engine (up to 82 was about as far as you'll go for "interchange"), you'll get like 5 hp. That's assuming the new engine you put in isn't worn out. If you want a fast car, this is probably the wrong platform for you to start with.

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