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Thread: 1st gen Accords Coilovers

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    1st gen Accords Coilovers

    Vintage Honda Folks:

    I want to let you know that a suspension engineering company located in Vancouver Washington (USA) ( is making custom adjustable coilovers for 1st gen Accords. These are a direct replacement (no mods needed) using the stock mounts bottom / top. There are several options available to meet folks need and price points. I have no skin in the game other than being SUPER excited about this and wanting to share.

    Andy, the shop owner, is building me a set of of coilovers for my gen2 accord. I searched the globe (literally) to find a set and it just so happens that Andy's shop is about 5 miles from my garage. Hope this helps some folks!

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    Re: 1st gen Accords Coilovers

    Closing spam thread. Post more spam and I'll ban you .

    "I like to take hammers, and just break stuff, just break stuff." - Beavis

    1989 Honda Accord LX-i Coupe, 220k miles, MT swap, rear disc swap

    Shop manual downloads available here: CLICK TO VIEW

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