hi all,
ive searched the forum looking for a simular problem to mine and was unable to find one, so here goes,
recently i was testing for a miss on my #4 cylinder as the car was running a bit rough and the #4 cylinder spark plug had a different look than the rest of my plugs. when i pulled the plug wire, the car ran noticably worse and then dies. upon plugging the wire back in the car wouldnt start and i had no spark. no spark at coil or plug. Now we get to the heart of the issue. My distributor is a TEC with an external ignition control module that is attached to the firewall. when i was unable to find a remanned one that was the same, i ordered a hitachi one, knowing it would fit in the head and i may have to change the wiring. after installing the new dizzy and trying to start the car with the old external icm connected, and with it not connected, i still cant get a spark. if ayone can send me pictures of their wiring for a hitachi distributor thatd be great, i dont know if i am missing a condensor somewhere, or what im doing wrong. any help is appreciated. the car is a 79 with an 81 or 82 motor (old owner wasn't sure what year)