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Thread: 1976-1981 Accord Model History

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    1976-1981 Accord Model History

    1976- First year of the Accord. Powered by a 1.6 liter inline-4 with 68 horsepower. Transmission choices were: a full-synchromesh (except for reverse) 5-speed Manual or a 2-speed semi-automatic. Hatchback bodystyle only. The original fuel economy was 46 mpg highway, but with a Weber carburetor kit, it could go as high as 80 mpg with 80 horsepower.

    1977- Accord LX with AC, power steering, digital clock was introduced.

    1978- No changes except for a carpeted tonneau cover instead of the original vinyl cover. Bright red no longer available(?). Amall Blue Metallic is introduced.

    1979- New 1.8 liter engine with 72 hp @4500rpm and 94 ft.lbs of torque @3000 rpm. New taillights. New 4-door sedan model with standard AM/FM radio and remote-controlled door locks. Tire size went up from 155SR13 to 165SR13. New 4-spoke wheels. New Tudor red metallic paint. First year of electronic ignition. Accord LX gained AM/FM stereo radio

    1980- New taillights, grille, and bumper trim on all models. The 4-door model got a remote-controlled door mirror, as did the LX model, except that the LX mirror was black instead of chrome. New Hampstead green metallic increased the color selection on the 4-door to three with beige replacing silver. Hatchbacks had six colors. New wheels. New 3-speed automatic replaces Hondamatic. California model with automatic has new head for 75 hp. Only Californian cars require unleaded fuel. New 85-mph speedometer replacing old 100-mph speedometer.

    1981- New high-compression head was installed, increasing horsepower output by 5%. Fuel economy goes up 8%. All models gained smaller, black remote mirrors and a new warning light cluster with pictorials instead of the wording. The controls also gained the international system. The 5-speed manual gained a new linkage with a better reverse gear engagement system. New Oslo Ivory paint replaces the beige color of 1979-80. Dark brown and caramel metallic color no longer available. Seat upholstery pattern was changed. New SE 4-door with AC; leather interior; upgraded stereo with four speakers, amplifier, and tape deck; alloy wheels; and power windows was introduced. The standard radio on the 4-door was upgraded to a unit with stereo sound. All Accords now require unleaded gas. Otherwise, the Accord soldiered on unchanged.
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    Re: 1976-1981 Accord Model History

    Nice History.

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