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Thread: Mad USDM bumper conversion

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    Re: Mad USDM bumper conversion

    Quote Originally Posted by SZfiftyfour View Post
    I think it look awesome like that Haz. What's the attraction to USDM sidemarkers; I'm guessing the lower profile?
    That and its mad USDM yo!

    1986 Honda Prelude build thread
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    Re: Mad USDM bumper conversion

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazwan View Post
    Well um I made the brackets on the right side, now all that left is to paint them and the trims since its faded. And yeah mount the trim properly haha

    How USDM is that?! Wish I could leave my plate in there

    Even kitteh approves (y)

    Oh yeah, USDM>JDM
    how in the hell did you get that bumper pushed in ? i recently got an 81 accord and the front bumper sticking so far out due to hondas hydraulic safety shit isn't the look I'm going for ! help me out here ?!

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    Re: Mad USDM bumper conversion

    Non US Accords didn't have the big reinforcing beam reinforcing the bumper & a pair of simple lightweight pressed steel mounting brackets instead of the impact absorbing struts. Still mount the bumpers well out from the body for protection though.

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