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Thread: Wheels? RPM drop at highway speed?

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    Wheels? RPM drop at highway speed?

    Hello everyone!
    I have an 83 accord, bought it with 145k a few months ago. Using it as a daily driver.

    Trying to get some ideas on wheels, right now I have the stock steelies. Id like to swap to something a bit bigger to get my rpms down at highway speed and that looks a little better. I don't like spinning a 33 year old motor at 3.2k for 45 minutes at a time, unless it doesn't mind it. Its so hard to find information on the EK1 engine, does it like to rev? Is it happier at 2.8 vs 3.2 on the highway? I know I can feel the secondary start to open around 3.4k (still have original carb) and it gets it second wind lol.

    So what wheels are yall running? Post some pics!

    ill post a picture of mine up when I figure out how lol.

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    Re: Wheels? RPM drop at highway speed?

    The engine will be fine spinning at 3k+ rpm all day , you could probably live at 4k rpm all day and not hurt it .
    Its a honda , and hondas are among the best engineered engines in the world .
    As for wheels and tires, dont go for a combo that will raise the gearing, all you are doing is placing more load on the engine and putting the speedo out of whack.

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