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Thread: Need some wiring diagrams for a 2g

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    Need some wiring diagrams for a 2g

    Hey 2geez/3geez family this old member Danny (DACANTU) helping out a buddy with his 2gee. I need the wiring diagram from carb to alternator to fuse block if it goes to fuse block. The only wires i see coming off of the alternator connector/pigtail are black/yellow stripe, another one that apears to be yellow and another one that appears to be red however i need diagram to verify location within the connector and where each of those wires are going.

    hes a complete idiot and ruined his harness by connecting some wires coming off of the carburator backwards. His carburator has bullet connectors and he connected them reverse polarity after the fact he tried rewiring his own harness with wires that arent even the right colors and then brought it to me to ask for help after he made my job that much harder.

    after searching back 15 pages on the 2g subforum i have come up empty handed with no diagrams to help me.

    thanks in advanced fam. glad to be posting on the page after so many years lol and also where is the godamn search function or are we forced to use that weird google search bullshit

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    Re: Need some wiring diagrams for a 2g

    I got a book that says 84 to 89 W/G to 10 A. BL/Y to charge warning light. W/Bu to heater choke. W to 55A.
    I know that is confusing. I can't send a pic. Sorry

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