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Thread: 82 5speed, no fifth gear.

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    82 5speed, no fifth gear.

    I picked up an 1982 accord ek1 5 speed a couple of weeks ago. It had carb trouble, so I towed it home. I fiddled with the 3bbl for a while, and eventually got fed up and replaced it with a Holley 390 4bbl that I had laying around.

    I drove the car at highway speeds for the first time Saturday, and discovered that 5th gear was out of the transmission.

    I poked around on the internet and discovered that 5th gear should be swappable with the transmission in the car, but I wasn't able to find any interchange information. Everything that I did find was about the cars from the late 80s.

    This is my first Honda, and I'm not well versed in the parts compatibility between models and generations.

    So my question is are there any cars that have a 5th gear set that is interchangeable with the one in the 82 accord?

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    Re: 82 5speed, no fifth gear.

    only one i would say it might swap over would be a prelude.

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    Re: 82 5speed, no fifth gear.

    Only one I know for sure would be a same-year Prelude. 81 might have different ratios. I think there is a Prelude / Accord gear ratio chart on the site somewhere, I think I posted it like 8 years ago or something lol.

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    Re: 82 5speed, no fifth gear.

    81-2 Preludes kept the hydraulic clutch from the 79-81 Accords. But wouldn't be surprised if many of Hondas transmissions were all still closely related 79-88

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