I was wondering if there was ever an aftermarket variable cam gear made for the 1982 Accord?

I started hearing an odd noise in the engine compartment. I thought it was coming from the area of the water pump. I was checking the valve clearances first and noticed the plane of the cam gear was moving. I disassembled all of the parts necessary to replace the timing belt and found the cam gear is actually wobbling on the camshaft. There was enough play to tear up the channel for the woodruff key on both the camshaft and the cam gear. The bolt holding the gear on to the camshaft wasn't loose.

I found a new camshaft and cam gear. I brought the camshaft to a machine shop to make sure the it is straight. The owner of the shop said that he had seen the same problem many times in that era of Accords. The shop has been in business since 1978. With all of the work I was doing, he recommended looking for a variable cam gear if it was available. So, I thought I post the question and see if they exist.

I haven't posted in a while. I have the 1982 Sierra Brown Hatchback with the JDM/EDM headlights. I also found an original owner 1989 Honda Accord Lxi that I've been working on. The long term project is a 1975 Sunset Orange Honda Civic CVCC that I hope to bring to JCCS this year.

Thanks in advance.