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Thread: Carb Help!

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    Carb Help!

    I bought a 1982 Accord hatchback last weekend and I'm trying to fix'r up. I noticed a broken valve piece on the carborator and was wondering if you guys could help me figure out what it is and if it would be better to just buy a new carb. Thanks in advance!

    I only have pictures of before but when I looked closer the valve stem fell off of this module.

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    Re: Carb Help!

    A new carb is probably not going to be an option, so you're left combing junkyards until you can find that part. You can try epoxying it back together but that is about 50/50 if it will hold. Be sure you don't glue the port closed if you try it. You can also try doing without it to see if you can live with whatever symptoms it produces.

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    Re: Carb Help!

    I've got lots of 2 gen parts including carbs. I can sell you that part if you want PM me

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