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Thread: Looking for Service Manual

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    Looking for Service Manual

    First of all, hi, this is my first, but surely not last, post in here, abaout two years ago i bought a 1982 honda accord with the three speed auto transmission with money i saved over the years and my work, in this time i have rebuilt a lot of the car, new suspension, new break pads, restored the interior and a lot more, i will post some photos in the future. Some days ago i noticed hydraulic fliud in the floor and proceded to check under the car, and its a mess, there is fluid humidity in a lot of areas, and my guess is that maybe the transmission is expelling fluid thru the vent port it has at the top of it, well i think it's a vent port since i have not been able to find the service manual to check.

    Since i am from Argentina a lot a things are very hard for me to find so any info regarding the manual would be of great help for me.

    Here are some photos of the problem

    PS: Please let me know of any mistakes in my writing, i have not used google translate to check
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