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Thread: What is my engine & what can I swap it with? (84' accord)

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    Thumbs up What is my engine & what can I swap it with? (84' accord)

    Hey guys,

    So I recently got a new (to me) 84' accord and I know very little about it. I really got it because I wanted a car to learn the ins and outs to become fully familiar with cars, and I've always appreciated the look of these cars (I fully intend to continue the trend of snagging these puppies up to learn all about them)

    When I look up the vin, all I get is "Engine Model BS or BT" and not much more in terms of information that I wasn't able to discern on my own.

    You can see pictures of my new car (cleverly named my "accord 84'" to discern between this and my 07' coupe ) here:

    The first couple pictures is why I fell in love with it, the last couple are why I was able to get it for so cheap (actually traded for an old acoustic guitar that I had laying around)

    so my general understanding is that this car seems to have been a lemon from the start that was just driven until it went. It was clearly well maintained throughout the years and stuff was done promptly (service records to prove it) but something was inherently wrong with the engine from the start with mechanics in the 90's noting there were oils leaks starting about 35k.

    also, I should add that I'm mainly speaking out of my ass because again, I don't know much about cars and this is my learning experience.

    so here I am with a lot of car to learn but I am ready for the challenge. I have the haynes manual and the shop service manual en route and will be hitting the books hard over this winter to learn this car like the bottom of a peanut butter jar.

    so if anyone can entertain me, I'll start off simple: where can I learn about what engines I will be able to swap into this sweet little ride and what recommendations do you guys have for me?

    Thank you very much in advance and I expect to get to know a lot of whoever roams these forums within the next year or so.


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    Re: What is my engine & what can I swap it with? (84' accord)

    Congrats on your new project. If you can fab motor mounts, you can put a lot of different engines in the car. If not, then that limits the options considerably. It's perfectly normal for the engine to start leaking oil every so often. Seals leak and you replace them. No sweat.

    Have fun!

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    Re: What is my engine & what can I swap it with? (84' accord)

    I miss the inverted hood so bad. I should fab up some mounts and hinges...
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    Nice car or not, nobody likes losing a race to an old 4 door Honda.

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