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Thread: Distributor Cap Question

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    Distributor Cap Question

    Hello friends,

    I recently bought a 1985 accord LX hatchback, 3Bbl Carb am wanting to do the simple tune up stuff....plugs, wires, cap, rotor, etc.

    Anyway, the car currently has the distributor cap with the ignition coil connection in the center and plug wire connections around it in a circle....when sourcing parts I'm led to believe the car should have the other cap design with the finger looking connections (ign. coil on one side, plug wires opposite side in a row).

    Without knowing what the details involve the cap type on the car now is a "TEC" type and appears to be called for on the fuel injection MFI accords.

    My question I guess is do I replace it with the style thats on the car now, or do I get the other style that the parts stores and rockauto recommends?

    Will the wrong style cap cause problems? The car runs without issue right now, I just don't know when it was last changed and its a peace of mind sort of thing. Hopefully someone has a quick answer for me. Thanks in advance

    As an edit and PS:
    How can I easily and accurately determine if it is a TEC or Hitachi system (as this appatently dictates my choice of rotor)?
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    Re: Distributor Cap Question

    Not sure about the coil. But check the diagram on HondaPartsNow (Click to Access)

    As for the cap type:

    - TEC has screws to hold down the cap
    - Hitachi uses clips.

    See photo link below:

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