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Thread: 1982 Accord LX AC Removal?

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    1982 Accord LX AC Removal?


    Iím considering whether to completely remove the Air Conditioning system from my car.

    I'm looking to have the most reliable (and good looking) vehicle possible.

    It it would also simplify the engine bay quite a bit if I removed all the AC equip.

    Anyone have experience with this? Would recommend for/against it?

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    Re: 1982 Accord LX AC Removal?

    I removed mine and I wish I didn't. It did save some space in the engine bay but it doesn't make the car easier to work on as the compressor and other items are not in the way of anything else.

    There are plenty of other things you can do to actually make the car better, do those first.

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    Re: 1982 Accord LX AC Removal?

    Don't discount the importance of creature comforts. Yeah, you can tough it out, but the likelihood is that you won't. You'll just get tired of the car and get rid of it. Keep it comfy. Keep it nice.

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    Re: 1982 Accord LX AC Removal?

    I'll heed both of your advice! Thank you!

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