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Thread: Update on My 83 Accord Engine Build

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    Update on My 83 Accord Engine Build

    Earlier this year I had my stock EK1 rebuilt to the the following specs:

    • Block bored .20 over
    • New pistons, rings, and bearings
    • Crank to spec and polished
    • CVCC Head with custom cam grind (Advertised Lobe 280/Advertised Duration 270/Lobe seperation 110/Overlap 44)
    • New valves, seals, and stiffened valve springs
    • Head ported/polished
    • Lightened flywheel
    • Stock manifold ported polished
    • Full Stainless Exhaust with 'Emissions' delete
    • Weber 38 carb

    I had my car dyno tuned today at a local performance shop. I am getting 94 Wheel HP and 104 Wheel Torque. I am very happy with these specs seeing how the car made 75 horsepower at the crank stock USDM form.

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