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Thread: My 87 clunks when turning.

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    My 87 clunks when turning.

    I've been told soo many different things about my 87 accord lx 5spd carb. My main issue is my turning. I can't really turn left or right. I can only back up right after enough cranks of the steering wheel. I have no power steering at the moment by that's not my issue at all. When I'm turning the steering wheel it clunks a lot. An the wheels will start to turn but when it clunks the go back to sitting straight. This happens only when. I'm turning I can sit in neutral and turn the wheel and it still does it. Can someone please help me figure this out. I want to keep my 3Geez very badly she's clean title no damage just burns oil and overheats sometimes. My rad. Fans do not turn on now either has of yesterday. Thanks. Here's my number to if that makes it easier to tell me things and I can send pics that way. 503-269-0589

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    Re: My 87 clunks when turning.

    I hope you aren't driving it in this condition! You need to climb under the car and see what's going on. It could be bad CV axle joints, loose or failing tie-rod ends or even a failing rack and pinion. A thorough under-vehicle inspection will tell you more than all of here can.

    Take pics of what you find and post them here.

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    Re: My 87 clunks when turning.

    if the rack and pinion is bad, the Nappa rebuild is pretty good, it's a job, but not too terrible to do. I think mine even came with tie rod ends, just get under there and see whats going on. The overheat issue with the fans not coming on, we can walk you through that

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