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Thread: Clunking when shifting to 5th or reverse

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    Clunking when shifting to 5th or reverse

    So on our cars I know it's normal to have resistance moving into 5th or reverse but my new car clunks. Any ideas on why or what it is? It does it randomly too which is the wierd part

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    Re: Clunking when shifting to 5th or reverse

    Might try adjusting the clutch. Reverse its common for it to clank a little. I tag 3rd then goto reverse. My 6 speed in my Challenger is a two hand deal to get it into reverse.
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    Re: Clunking when shifting to 5th or reverse

    I tag 4th and then reverse. I think as long as you hit another gear before reverse it should be okay.

    And putting it straight into reverse is probably just more wear and tear. So maybe try getting in there and see what’s going on.

    I also have the service manual, i’d be more than happy to send pics of how to’s.

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