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Thread: Ignition coil specs right or wrong

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    Ignition coil specs right or wrong

    Have a 86 accord lx, auto, 2bbl keihin carb

    I tested my ignition coil not sure if my specs came out right. Can someone tell me if I set my meter correctly? Would really help me.

    Honda manual says:

    Primary winding resistance for terminal A and D:
    1.215-1.485 ohms

    Secondary winding resistance for terminal A and secondary winding resistance:
    11.074-11.526 ohms

    Resistance Between B and D terminal:
    2.200 ohms

    Check for continuity between A and C
    Mines tested as:

    A and D: 1.6
    meter was set at 200 ohms

    A and secondary: 11.91 ohms
    meter was set at 20K

    B and D: 2.17
    meter was set at 20K ohms

    Continuity 003

    Were my meter setting right or did I get a wrong reading? If my meter settings are wrong could you give me correct settings for meter.
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    Re: Ignition coil specs right or wrong

    Looks like it's getting a little tired. If it helps, the different ranges on your meter just move the decimal on the screen to a different spot. Just set it to where you're getting something within the range of what you are looking for.

    What are the symptoms you're dealing with?

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