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Thread: Primary Cutoff Solenoid Valve and idle Issue

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    Unhappy Primary Cutoff Solenoid Valve and idle Issue

    When i took out my carb to clean replace gaskets, i noticed that my primary cutoff solenoid valve had a wire running off of it, but it's disconnected. I think i found the home for the wires but i need some guidance.

    Also, when i start up my car when warm, she idles at like 2.5k and doesn't wanna go down unless i pull up my throttle with my toe. She's been getting better at not wanting to go so high so quick but does anyone else have this issue?

    Tomorrow ill get a video of start up and the Primary Cutoff Solenoid Valve Wire and where i think the wire goes.

    200$ car i gotta make last and engine problems are even the worst of it

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    Re: Primary Cutoff Solenoid Valve and idle Issue

    If the cut-off solenoid is unplugged, the car wouldn't idle at all. I bet it's been cut inside or something.

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