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Thread: AAP Auxiliary Acelerador Pump.

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    AAP Auxiliary Acelerator Pump.

    1986 LX. Leaking fuel from the AAP. When I move the throttle by hand, I can see fuel squirting fuel from the AAP. My symptoms are as follows:

    When started from cold, It starts fine for a few seconds then it wants to shut down unless I give it gas. Lost of smoke coming from the tailpipe and even the engine bay.

    Because I need to keep giving it gas, sometimes it floods and stalls.

    Sometimes I can drive it like this until it warms up, but I need to keep the gas going even when at a stop. While also using the brake.Once it warms up is ok, but lately it hasn't.

    Another earlier symptom was when accelerating from a stop, I would not go right away, almost like if it wanted to shutdown, so I had to give it gas then accelerate.

    I am going to order a rebuilt kit and replace the diaphragm on the AAP and post results. The 3 bolts on the AAP housing can be tightened too, but one of them is impossible to reach, so to fix it properly I need to remove the carb and replace the AAP diaprahgm.

    I do need te remove the carb from the car which I have never done to replace this part. Any tips on removing the carb are appreciated it.
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