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Thread: Plans for the future poll

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    Plans for the future

    Been looking into the idea of swapping to a b18/20.
    I love the a20 dont get me wrong, but there is SO MUCH aftermarket for the B and doesn't look all that difficult to do. I'd keep my twin dcoe setup and now that I know the Megajolt works, can use that for timing.
    Or should I keep the a20 and keep it old school..?
    Post some thoughts even if you just feel like calling me dumb =P
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    Re: Plans for the future poll

    you definitely have more experience than i do, but to me, no other engine has the same magic as the a20. Its just such a rare engine. when im talking to friends and even other honda guys no one knows what an a20 is, and i kind of enjoy that. that being said, b18/b20 are great engines. in my opinion, they are a little better for building power on even just for the fact that they have a huge aftermarket, one thing that the a20 lacks. if you do decide to do a swap, you had better keep us updated!

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    Re: Plans for the future poll

    I say swap it. If you planned to restore it and then lock in a warehouse, the A would make sense. If you want to drive it and have fun then you'll have to find a way to get new parts into it. You can only refurbish the old stuff for so long.

    Definitely keep us posted on what you do though.

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