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Thread: starter does nothing when ignition switch is turned on

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    starter does nothing when ignition switch is turned on

    Hi everyone. I haven't posted for a long time. Last January, I bought a 2013 Honda Accord LX and, since my 1988 LX-i has some fluid leak issues, it's been sitting in the garage for months now without being driven. I usually discontent the negative battery cable to minimize battery drain while the car is not being driven. And, up until recently, I would occasionally start the engine and let it run for 5-8 minutes.

    Even though I disconnect the battery cable. the battery will very slowly drain. So, I have a battery charger that I periodically put on the battery as needed. I've probably done this 2 to 4 times since last January. The last time was about a week to 10 days ago. After, I removed the battery charger and attempted to start the engine, I got no response, nothing at all.

    I took the battery to Advance Auto Parts and asked them to test it. Their test showed the battery putting out 503 cold cranking amps (CCA). It is rated at 525 CCA, so it has plenty of power to start the car. The dome light comes on when the door is opened and headlights turn on.

    Up to this point, I had not noticed intermittent starting issues, which I would have expected if solenoid/starter issues were developing. So, does this sound like a probable solenoid/starter failure, or something else?
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    Re: starter does nothing when ignition switch is turned on

    Dirty or corroded wires from the battery or to the starter. Make sure the wires on the starter are tight even that little wire.

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    Re: starter does nothing when ignition switch is turned on

    Could well be that your starter is just stuck. Try tapping it with a rubber hammer to undo it. Otherwise I would look into fuses and connections first. Will you keep us updated as off results

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    Re: starter does nothing when ignition switch is turned on

    x2 on starter solenoid.

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