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Thread: Transmission Swap Question

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    Transmission Swap Question

    Hello 3geez. I am looking at maybe buying a donor car to convert my 88 LXi hatchback into a manual. Would an 88 Carbureted LX with a manual transmission work as a donor? My car is fuel injected... Would I run into wiring issues etc?

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    Re: Transmission Swap Question

    As far as I can think off it would be a straight forward swap. Just swap out transmissions and put in the clutch pedalset ofcourse.Just reverselightswitch will have to be wired up,and I think the park-sensor needs to be disabled or you can't start the car. If I am forgetting anything, please chime in.

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    Re: Transmission Swap Question

    Your donor car will work great. Just read the How-to and have fun.

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    Re: Transmission Swap Question

    It will work just fine.
    Biggest wiring issue is the neutral lockout switch on the shifter. Just take the two big black/white wires and twist em together. Or do what I did and put a toggle switch on them. Free deadman switch.
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