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Thread: Won't Start

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    Won't Start

    Just wanted the opinion of you folks before I go out an take off the starter. My problem is that I cannot start the car, it just clicks. There is power but I was wondering if it could still be the battery or maybe it really is the starter?
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    Id bet it really is the starter if you still have a good battery
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    does all lights work fine ! if yes >

    1. check the out put of the battery when car is off shouldn't be less than 12 V ( battery is fine )

    2. check the out put of the battery when car is @ idle shouldn't be less than 14 V ( alternator is fine )

    3. check the both battery terminal and engien ground .

    4. check teh little wire going to the starter ( B/W wire ) see if it is loose . ( if it's not loose proceed to next step )

    5. take this little wire off , turn on the ignition , connet a wire between the + of the battery to the starters terminal ( where the wire used to hook up ) if the starter turns and the car comes on ( WARNING : once the car is on disconnect the wire immediatly or you will damage the starter )

    IF the starter turns on , so there is an open in the B/W wire , or therr is something wrong with ignition switch ! ( Spray some WD40 in there it really helped me )

    IF the starter doesn't turn replace it !

    hope this helps ! good luck !

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    Sounds like a common starter failure. I'm thinking about getting gold plated battery terminals (for a better connection and plus my positive terminal nut is stripped) Does anyone have these? Probably stinger or etc... Do you think it's worth the money?

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