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Thread: vacuum advance/retard

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    vacuum advance/retard

    well i have an 87 intake manifold and b on my 88 accord, dont ask. later in the year i will be swapping the entire engine out of my 89 into the 88. until then i want the car to run good, and i can hear a miss every now and then at idle and when i rev it up and let it drop quickley it sounds like it is going to backfire. i believe that the vacuum wireing on the car is f*cked, its running an 87 tb of 88 solinoids and stuff, its just shit. so i was wondering if i could disable the vacuum advance retard function by capping off lines or watever. also, could someone explain the whole theory and proccess behind advancing your timing. i have a few bolt on mods and varions things, no cam yet. also, i believe the engine is running rich, heh fancey that the wrong intake manifold, ie my plugs are black in like a couple minutes. any help there would be useful too. remember to consider that some parts of my car are 88 and some 87, so this is gonna be a fun fix.............



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    well start off by replaceing any 86-87 parts on your car with 88-89 ones, they aren't all compatible
    2nd take a voltmeter and test the voltage on the 02 sensors, you should get 0.4 - 0.6 volts dc
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