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Thread: Left/right FW bearings?

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    Left/right FW bearings?

    Since me wheel bearing on the driver side of my car is shot, and shimmies/grinds. I got a bearings priced out at the part shop, its like 100 bucks with tax, EACH. I have my parts car in my moms boyfriends yard still, and the passenger side has a good bearings. The hub is all apart already, just need to remove the UCA and the hub is mine. Since the shops list it as 1 bearing, and they dont have seperate ones for left/right. Could I get the bearing from the good passenger hub and get it pressed into the bad driver side hub and drive away?

    I dont see any reason it wont work, but the hub on the driver side of the parts car was destroyed, so its no good. I only have 1 bad bearing and I have a good one to replace it. Will it work? It'll cost me an hours labor if I take the hub off and bring both to a shop. So 60 bucks to fix a wheel bearing isnt bad if it works.

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    Re: Left/right FW bearings?

    yeah, like the two fronts are the same. the two backs are a pair as well. i think as long as the bearing is in good condition, just have it repacked with grease and should be good to go.
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