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Thread: rod bearings - undersize vs oversize?

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    rod bearings - undersize vs oversize?

    What would I need undersized bearings for? what would I need oversized bearings for? I thought our bearings are color-coded?
    How do I choose?
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    Re: rod bearings - undersize vs oversize?

    The color coding is under or over sized. There matching the bearings the dimensions of the crank at the factory. I dont know what color is what bearing.


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    Re: rod bearings - undersize vs oversize?

    the only way to find out what bearing you need, you have to rip the engine apart.
    You can find more info in shop manual.

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    Re: rod bearings - undersize vs oversize?

    Yeah, you need to tear the engine apart & plastigauge the main & rod bearings to determine what oversized bearings you need.
    Depending on if you have your crankshaft turned, the machinist will inform you to the appropriate size bearings to buy.

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    Re: rod bearings - undersize vs oversize?

    Yeah, the color coding is stupid. The amount of differences in size are .0001", and there is usually less variation than that in "standard" bearings. We just buy the standard bearing set and mike each unit, and the journals on the crank. then match them up. It's far less expensive (than $11 per bearing HALF from Honda), and works just as well. I'm currently using NDC rod bearings and ACL main bearings & thrust washers in my Accord. No trouble in 8000 miles (1.5 years, just don't drive much).
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