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Thread: not receiving email notification for subscribed topics

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    not receiving email notification for subscribed topics

    I am not receiving email notification for subscribed topics. I just checked my email address in my forum profile and it is correct. And, I have Notification set to Instantly, via email. But, I receive notifications via email. This has been the case for many months and I've coped with it by visiting the forum to see whether replies to a topic in which I am a participant, or thread starter, have been posted. I would like to get the automatic notifications, in accordance with the settings in my Profile, so that I can respond more quickly to replies I have received.
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    Re: not receiving email notification for subscribed topics

    Can you try using a different email address and see if it works? Just to see if the emails are being filtered somewhere after our server sends it out.
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    Re: not receiving email notification for subscribed topics

    Is it a problem with your email provider? Like, is permanently spammed or something?

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    Re: not receiving email notification for subscribed topics

    I had the same issue a few months back. Figured it had something to do with the upgrade. Turns out Gmail decided it was spam out of the blue. Check your spam folder.
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