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  1. What Lowering Springs are Available for 3rd Gen?
  2. Where is the PCV valve located and what does it do?
  3. [Electrical] Headlight conversion kits
  4. [General Info] Sunroof leak fix
  5. [General Info] SE-i and LX-i, differences between them
  6. [General Info] Body Dimensions and Weights
  7. [Engine & Transmission] Prelude Transmission on Accord (+gear ratio)
  8. [Engine & Transmission] Engine codes
  9. [Electrical] Custom Exterior Lighting FAQ
  10. [Engine & Transmission] JDM B18A/B20A faq
  11. What engine swaps are available for the Accord?
  12. What bodykits are available for the 86-89 Accord?
  13. What do I need to lower my car?
  14. Can I swap a B-series engine in my 3rd Gen?
  15. [Engine & Transmission] Idle Air Control Valve (Code 14 on EFI cars)
  16. Why do the power windows roll up and down so slowly?
  17. Can I get rear disc brakes for my Accord?
  18. FAQ & How to's *Guidelines* READ!!...DO NOT POST IN THESE FORUMS!
  19. What wings available for 3rd Gen Accord
  20. [Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes] Strut bars and sway bars, where can I buy them
  21. [Engine & Transmission] Ecu - codes , pinouts , part numbers , obd explained
  22. [Engine & Transmission] Underdrive Pulleys are no longer available
  23. [Engine & Transmission] Headers and Exhaust Systems
  24. [General Info] VIN, Chassis, and Paint codes
  25. [General Info] How do i become a DX, LX, LXi, SEi, or Foundation member?
  26. Where do rattles and clunks from the suspension come from??
  27. Where is the ____? (guide to engine parts and location)
  28. What is the Tornado? Does it really work?
  29. [Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes] Strut tower bars for carbed 3geez?
  30. what part number is ___________ ?
  31. [General Info] Service Information: Manuals, Recalls, and Service Schedules
  32. True cold air intake's VS. short ram test results
  33. [Engine & Transmission] Clutches: Performance aftermarket brands
  34. [General Info] PARTS, where to get them
  35. What coilovers available for the 3rd gen ?
  36. [Engine & Transmission] B20A / B18A Transmission Numbers (auto and manual)
  37. Wheels and Tires FAQ
  38. Vacuum Diagrams
  39. [General Info] Tilt steering wheel adjustment lever
  40. The A/C FAQ
  41. The Camshaft and how it relates to performance
  42. [Engine & Transmission] 5 speed transmission codes and ratios
  43. [Engine & Transmission] Igniton FAQ / Sparkplugs / Ignition Control Box Wiring.
  44. [Engine & Transmission] Camshaft Regrinds
  45. Can Other Honda parts fit on my accord?
  46. Testing Carb Without Air Box / Installing Civic Plenum
  47. Weber 32/36 - 34 - 38
  48. [Engine & Transmission] Underhood Stickers
  49. [Engine & Transmission] Diagnosing Excessive Oil Consumption, Coolant & Exhaust color & sound
  50. [Engine & Transmission] Cylinder compression tests & results
  51. [Electrical] OEM Stereo's from Other Cars
  52. [Engine & Transmission] Distributor
  53. AC Refrigerant Pressures
  54. [Electrical] Carbureted Distributors: Identifying TEC or Hitachi
  55. [Engine & Transmission] proper adapter for adding an oil pressure gauge
  56. [General Info] Rate these threads!