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  1. How do I change my power window motor/regulator?
  2. [Electrical] Radio Wiring Color Codes
  3. [Engine & Transmission] Convert from Automatic to Manual Transmission
  4. [Appearance] Clear Turn Signal Lens ( 88 - 89 Year Accord & Coupe Bumpers Only )
  5. [Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes] install a rear sway bar (and upgrade the front)
  6. [Appearance] Paint Interior Parts
  7. [Engine & Transmission] Adjusting Valve Lash and Clearance
  8. How to install a Nitrous Purge kit on your Accord
  9. [Electrical] Install Power Mirrors
  10. [Engine & Transmission] Make your own Cold Air Intake
  11. [Engine & Transmission] Convert Carbureted to Fuel Injected(link is dead atm)
  12. [Electrical] MSD6 Install and Wiring Mods
  13. How-to make your bodykit
  14. [Electrical] fix the heater button lights.
  15. How To , Install Civic Integra AEM Big Brake Kit
  16. How To , Install Urethane Bodykit
  17. FAQ & How to's *Guidelines* READ!...DO NOT POST IN THESE FORUMS!
  18. [Appearance] Paint your taillights red
  19. [Appearance] Remove your old Honda emblems
  20. [Appearance] Roll your fender lip
  21. [Engine & Transmission] Water Pump Replacement
  22. [Engine & Transmission] Automatic Transmission, Fluid Check and Throttle Valve TV Cable Adjustment
  23. [Engine & Transmission] Change your timing belt (changing oil seals not included)
  24. [Engine & Transmission] Remove power steering (and changing PS fluid)
  25. [Engine & Transmission] Remove A/C
  26. How To , Paint Car
  27. [Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes] Rear Disk Swap, with pics (for those with drum brakes)
  28. [Appearance] Install Remove Front Bumper
  29. [Appearance] Repair rust holes
  30. [Electrical] How To , Wire Fog Lights
  31. [Electrical] Install a gauge pod
  32. [Appearance] Install seats from another vehicle
  33. How To , Bleed & Flush Cooling System
  34. [Electrical] How To , Fix Main Relay
  35. [Engine & Transmission] Remove Engine & Transmission ( The Quick Way )
  36. [Engine & Transmission] Convert To Hybrid Integra Accord 5 Speed Transmission
  37. How to replace your clutch ?
  38. [Electrical] Wire A Capacitor To Your Stereo
  39. [Engine & Transmission] Running Keihin 2bbl Carburetor without emissions or electronic contorls.
  40. [Engine & Transmission] Increase Oil Pressure ( PSI )
  41. [Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes] Replace Lower Balljoint
  42. How To , Remove Install Camshaft
  43. [Electrical] Install a start button (like the S2000)
  44. How To - Nippon-DENSO AC Compressor Stator Coil Replacement
  45. How To: Recharging and converting your A/C system.
  46. Everything you need to know to post pics..NEWBIES READ!!
  47. [Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes] Drop the front 1/2" doing the pinch fork mod
  48. [Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes] Replace Drive Axles
  49. [Appearance] Shave Moldings
  50. [Appearance] Paint Side Window Trim
  51. [Electrical] How To , Wire JDM B20A To USDM PK2 ECU
  52. [Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes] How To: Changing upper control arms/Install Prelude or aftermarket arms
  53. [Engine & Transmission] Weber 32/36 - 34 - 38 Swap
  54. [Appearance] Make a "3GEEZ" 3rd Brake Light Cut-Out
  55. [Engine & Transmission] Install a block heater
  56. [Electrical] Replace Combination Switch
  57. [Appearance] Remove or Clear Tailight Lense
  58. Piston ring install, rod & bearing clearance
  59. [Engine & Transmission] Remove & install the Distributor
  60. [Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes] Rear Caliper Repair
  61. [Electrical] Alternator wiring and Maintenance EFI or Carb
  62. [General Info] Autozone Vehicle Repair Guide
  63. [Engine & Transmission] B16 intake manifold on A20 / B20
  64. [Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes] 11" FRONT rotors/Type R calipers Installed
  65. [Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes] Rear Caliper Upgrade, Legend Caliper (with Pics)
  66. [Electrical] "Big 3" Ground Wires
  67. how to: wire safc to pjo with blue wire mod
  68. [Engine & Transmission] Replace OIL FILTER BASE GASKET
  69. [Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes] PROJECT: Full bodied coil overs
  70. [Electrical] Fix/Rebuild Combo Switch, Low/High beam headlamp switch
  71. [Electrical] Power Folding Mirror Wiring
  72. [Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes] Vigor Rear Swaybar
  73. [Electrical] Multiple Map Sensor Harness
  74. [Electrical] Fix/Rebuild Combo Switch, Windshield Wiper Switch cleaning/rebuild
  75. [Engine & Transmission] Camshaft Seal Replacement
  76. [Appearance] Installing OEM Window Visors
  77. [Engine & Transmission] How to install an adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  78. [Electrical] dual filament turn signal sockets
  79. [Engine & Transmission] HOW TO: DIY Catch Can
  80. [Engine & Transmission] Accel Coil How-To Install
  81. [Engine & Transmission] Install an inline PS filter
  82. [Electrical] Upgraded door jamb switch
  83. [Electrical] LED Front Turn Signal Lenses
  84. [General Info] Fix Your Slow Windows
  85. [Appearance] How to : Custom door panel rebuild
  86. [Engine & Transmission] Check And Fix ECU Trouble Codes With Pics
  87. How to: wire in a fuel pump relay.
  88. how to install a aftermarket fuel pump
  89. [Electrical] Adding cut off (kill) switch to your Accord
  90. [Engine & Transmission] Removing Vacuum Lines
  91. Rear Disk Swap, with pics (for those with drum brakes)2021