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  1. anyone find a B20A?
  2. B20a Swap Complete
  3. So you want a JDM B20A??
  4. For the carb people: You too can have a B20A
  5. b20a
  6. parts for b20 engine?
  7. ATTN Everyone that wants a B20A from Montreal
  8. can i ask why everyone is still so obsessed with B20A ??
  9. would a vigor engine fit???
  10. B20A..... and it's flywheel
  11. Project B20A
  12. Questions and comments about "Project B20A thread"
  13. Euro Accord
  14. transmission for b20a
  15. A few B20A Part prices
  16. F2K5 vs B2K5 Transmission Ratio
  17. Wtf!?!
  18. help me on this b20a
  19. b20a injectors
  20. B20a3 to B20a or anything else
  21. what up with the b18a swap. the b20a is not worth it.
  22. Has there been a B20A coupe yet?
  23. compression
  24. A maybe with B20A2/8
  25. carto, rob, yk head rebuild info
  26. Jdm B18a
  27. B20a
  28. Axle question (read before flaming) H22A->88LX
  29. B20A Pressure Plate
  30. B20a tranny Pic
  31. JDM B20A belts
  32. B20A trannies
  33. B20A stroke/destroke?
  34. transmission code
  35. B20A, стоит ли брать такой экземпляр?
  36. B20 shortblock (from Honda CRV)
  37. Redline b20 vs a20a
  38. B20a motherlode (dirt cheap)
  39. Gaskets
  40. New B-Series Heads on JDM B20A Block
  41. Found B20A!!! But.....
  42. B20A Water Pump
  43. I need help to find a B20A engine and parts
  44. B20a
  45. B20a? Wtf?
  46. B20 replacement info required
  47. ARP Fasteners for B20A
  48. Other B20A Guys
  49. B20A Flywheel, the truth is out there!
  50. USDM parts that will fit the JDM 3g Accord/ 2g Prelude B20A
  51. New thread in the FAQ concerning the B20A
  52. B20A exhaust ports space
  53. A few B20A part numbers
  54. B20A with a OBD1 ECU
  55. Transmission Question and answers B20A/A20A hydrid
  56. weber on JDM B20a
  57. B20A part questions...
  58. B20a's for cheap
  59. Be careful when you buy your JDM engines
  60. English middleman!
  61. B20A downpile length
  62. question with the B20 swap.
  63. you guys are smart....
  64. Should I get this B20A?
  65. B20a California BAR smog certified
  66. i need someone to confirm it this is true
  67. look for b20a for my 89 accord...need help finding
  68. Jdm B20a engine performance
  69. B20A Intermediate shaft revealed
  70. project carbed jdm b20
  71. Mugen B20A
  72. Guess whose Gold Top B20A started with thanks to Gregg, Carot, Adam, Rob and Garrett
  73. PK2 ECU conversion completed
  74. 86-89 Accord B20a Dohc 2.0l Engine W/ A/t Transmission
  75. Integra 2nd Gen ( 90-93 ) Clutch cable swap B20A
  76. B20A Swap need info
  77. EDM b20a8
  78. B20A "Group buy"
  79. B20a Cams
  80. B20A Manual Transmission Part numbers (B2K5 and F2K5)
  81. B20A Manual Transmission part list
  82. B18A Dual carb engine picture
  83. 1986 b18a engine swap help
  84. B20A5 flywheel on JDM B20A, Possible problems
  85. Update Good News for B20A
  86. b20a performance.
  87. JDM B20A ECU revealed (PH3)
  88. Where to get a B18A dual carb motor ?
  89. b20a manual transmission gear set
  90. B20A Metal head gaskets
  91. ATT B20A Guys HELP!!!
  92. b20a emission problems
  93. jdm b20a on a20 ECU help
  95. ware to get a b20a engine.
  96. Info : B18A/B distributor on B20A
  97. 2g lude b20a
  98. Honda Tuning Article , B20A Swap
  99. Why Have Stage 1 when you can Have Stage 2
  100. a20 to b20a swap help!!!! carb to fi
  101. Rjudgey'a B20A Build
  102. So Ive Been Doing A Little B20A Research...
  103. B20 valves
  104. Sweet info for B20a
  105. Need B20a help!!
  106. B20a Cam Gear Settings
  107. cali b20a
  108. b20a questions
  109. a20a to b20a
  110. Has anyone done 86-87 Goldtop B20a to 88-89 A20a swap
  111. B20A Throttle Body
  112. Installed a H22A dc sports header, pics
  113. Help need motor mounts!!!
  114. Look! Jdm B20a V-tec setup!
  115. B20A Specific parts, where to get them?
  116. Possible B20A Exhaust Flanges FS
  117. engine swap info needed
  118. really close on AC for JDM B20A
  119. USDM Timing Belt for B20a
  120. Progress on my B20a Turbo
  121. Some useful B20a Info
  122. Obd1
  123. My B16 Intake is Ready
  124. b17a1?
  125. jdm b20a in to usdm 1989 accord lx-i
  126. Adapter Plate from B20a to USDM Trany
  127. Possible B18a swap..
  128. B18A gearbox, will it bolt to B20A?
  129. I found the solution to the B20A "RARE" transmission.
  130. gold top vs. black top b20's
  131. b20a pcv
  132. 88 accord engine swap?????B20A1???
  133. flywheel bolts (dumb Q)
  134. b20a oil pan gasket
  135. gearbox help please
  136. B20a 5 speed tranny thread
  137. b20b???
  138. ls/vtec
  139. Swapping Intake Manifolds
  140. Help performance b20a help needed
  141. have 87 accord need swaping help!
  142. What if I want to do a b20 swap ?
  143. B-series swap mounts
  144. This F"ing Sucks
  145. My B20a is F##ked
  146. trying to fit b20a ac on b20a help need pics and advice
  147. Project new Front motor mount
  148. Friday the 15th
  149. b20a gasket kit
  150. installing lsd into b2k5 transmissiopn
  151. final drive swap questions for b2k5
  152. some pics finally upoaded on my photobucket account
  153. 89 accord
  154. checking b20a flywheel for wear?
  155. Found this
  156. which b20a5 parts in b20a lower end build q's
  157. jdm b20a manual intermediate shaft wont work with quaife
  158. adapt D16zc distributor
  159. rear mounts b20a
  160. B20A header choices
  161. Thinking of Going a New Direction?
  162. White Smoke Out Of Exhaust
  163. engine biuld designs and who to do it
  164. UPDATE 2013 - B20a Gasket Kit
  165. Mmmmmmmm
  166. B20A Head Gaskets?
  167. gold top engine, blacktop loom
  168. using b series pistons in b20a
  169. It's in!!!! It's Finally in!!!!!
  170. can the 88-91 b20a5 upper header work on the jdm b20a
  171. B20A auto trans problem
  172. My 89 Accord Si
  173. pk2 and ph3.
  174. Engine swaps
  175. Gear Ratio Accord & Prelude A20Ax to B20a
  176. Colt Cams Tri Flow B20a
  177. T belt tensioner bolt
  178. b20a complete performance list
  179. It's Toast
  180. A20A1 to B20 swap
  181. The Joy's of a Boosted B20a
  182. need gasket
  183. temp sender (guage)
  184. B20A fuel issue
  185. F22Axx exhaust?
  186. wiring B20a OBD1 N/A which ecu? P06
  187. can someone post a performANCE LIST
  188. b20a valve lash adjustment!!!!!
  189. B18A ?'s
  190. will these work
  191. Will this ebay B20A fit my 89' accord LXI
  192. B20a Possibilities 200hp?
  193. b20a na build (rjudgey) help
  194. Is there a USDM oil pan gasket for B20A?
  195. How-to: H22A header on B20A
  196. b20a specs
  197. I NEED HELP!! JDM B20 Swap Questions!!!
  198. b20a2 with b18a1 transmission??
  199. easiest way to wire N/A JDM B20A
  200. B20A stock ROM on OBD1
  201. H23 Conecting Rods in B20A
  202. Looking for input from B20A 5speed owners!
  203. minimal vac lines on b20a with b16 intake
  204. b20a tune up specs
  205. b20a head
  206. B20a headers! Headers! For the b20a!!
  207. b20 cams
  208. selling everthing.
  209. Going to rebuild the b20
  210. Rebuilding a B20A???????
  211. wats up 3greez
  212. Any NZ guys want to help?
  213. More beginner B20A swap questions
  214. a20 carbed
  215. b20a swap help???
  216. Tuning the JDM B20a (Gold Top)
  217. will this work in my transmisson
  218. B20A transmission advice - yes I've searched!
  219. b20 oil pump
  220. b20 vs a20
  221. b20 frankenstein swap
  222. Possibility?
  223. PH3 ECU manual HELP
  224. b20a5 head bolts
  225. Pt5 ecu
  226. b18a transmission help
  227. Pj5 pgm-ig wtf
  228. different direction in the coupe ITB on b20a
  229. 89 accord lx-i engine swap
  230. B20a
  231. are these our motor mounts?
  232. b20a timing belt tensioner?
  233. New B20A Build
  234. URGENTLY WANTED B20A map bin file
  235. I want...
  236. my new B20A "black top"
  237. What will i need?
  238. B20 in an 87 LX parts needed
  239. B2K5 hole in case
  240. B18B distrubtor on B20A stuff.
  241. help with clutch/flywheel combos
  242. 89 honda lxi auto swap help!!!
  243. i need help
  244. B20A parts through Rock Auto
  245. b20a b20a5 differences and similarities (photos and video)
  246. b20a swap what parts do i need to complete the swap
  247. Rebuilt my B20A Transmission!
  248. can I interchange B20a5 belts on B20A
  249. My JDM B20A and questions
  250. Check EnginecHelp