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03-02-2017, 03:33 PM
I just bought a 86 si. The car is in great shape, except 5th gear. It makes a whine noise when engaged. I want to replace 5th gear but I'm having trouble finding one. Does anyone know where I might be able to find it. I also heard the 5th gear from the accord transmission would work as well... thanks!

03-02-2017, 07:06 PM
First off, check the oil in it. You're probably low.

From what I understand, you can sometimes find the 5th gear kit on eBay, but failing that, you're combing the junkyards for it.

03-03-2017, 08:00 AM
I changed the oil already and filled it up. it took about 2.5 quarts. I am on the prowl at the local junk yards but no beans yet.

03-03-2017, 08:08 AM
Honda Accord Prelude Acura Integra A2Q6 5th gear kit | eBay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-Accord-Prelude-Acura-Integra-A2Q6-5th-gear-kit-/252081104447?hash=item3ab134663f:g:TwcAAOSwLVZV6h6 M&vxp=mtr)

I found this for the A2Q6 trans. would this work?

03-03-2017, 05:28 PM
no beans yet.

Well that's your problem. You've been looking for beans!!


Okay, seriously though. I can't really speak to the Preludes, but internal parts from any of the following transmissions should be interchangeable.


The ID plate is on the top of the trans, viewed from above as it sits in the engine compartment.

04-01-2017, 04:26 AM
I found one online, but I couldn't get a picture, just a listing. The only way I was able to score a fifth gear was to find an 86 Prelude and take the fifth gear out of it. Now if you want to dig there is one website either hondapartsoverstock or sonsofhonda that has a fifth gear for sale, but it cost about $110.

04-01-2017, 10:07 AM
I believe i purchased the last 5th gear set from the dealer a few years ago. But since i have seen several new 5th gear sets on ebay from some other non Honda manufacturer.

Glad you found yours.