View Full Version : Sunroof suddenly no longer working

03-12-2017, 06:41 AM
Last year the sunroof of my 2gen Prelude was working perfectly fine,now at the first sunny day of this year,i want to open it and....nothing.No click,no clack, nothing.Is there a usual suspect ?I cant find a specific fuse for the sunroof,but all the fuses under the dashboard are fine.
Do i get easily at the switch on the dash ? Can i pop it out or do i have to remove the whole dash and is that a big job or just a few screws to unbolt ?
Someone a golden answer ?


EDIT : After checking my (recently acquired) manual,(thank's again) ,I believe the relays are not working.Can someone tell me where those are still available,and if so,where can i buy them ?

SOLVED : I found that the 35 Amp. main-fuse is broken,and of course no longer for sale at the carparts stores. Who can help me out with whether a main-fuse or a selling point where i can order them ?