View Full Version : 84 hatchback Weber pictures

08-10-2017, 12:11 PM
Does anyone have any pictures of a post refit engine bay for an 84 (or an 85 I guess with an ES2)? I'm restoring mine right now which hasn't run since 02. It had heaps of electrical issues and I've fixed everything but the carb, which is seized beyond repair. I've bought a Weber, but I'm just looking to compare the work I'm about to do with a successful refit. I already looked at the how to section, but I can't seem to find any pictures that aren't broken
Thanks a lot guys!

08-17-2017, 12:29 PM
Erm, I had some somewhere...

It looks damn near identical to an A20 with a Weber on it though. Delete everything, plug the ports off of the exhaust manifold, run vacuum to the brake booster and vacuum advance.

Get good vacuum caps to plug up the 4000 ports on the intake manifold. One backfire and you'll blow the shitty caps to bits and have a huge vacuum leak.