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01-24-2018, 04:24 PM
I was trying to connect the cable to my new weber 38, and broke the grommet on the firewall that holds it in place, and now i canít get the throttle to work correctly. Pretty sure itís cause of the broken grommet. I already ordered a new one.

My question is... how do you disconnect it from inside the cabin? I have the shop manual but it doesnt have enough pictures or info of what i have to do.

I havenít taken off any of the covers underneath the steering wheel cause i really need to take a dump lol.


Hereís some pics of the shop manual and from underneath my steering wheel.

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01-24-2018, 06:09 PM
Figured it out. Not hard at all unless youíre really chunky lol.

Youíll need a light and a P2 size screwdriver.
Pretty straight forward; take off that top cover (the hard, dark, plastic looking thing in the pic) its got 5 black screws. Locate them all and find the ONE that is connected to a metal piece and undo that one last so that its hanging (atleast TRY to hold it up with your face or something) onto metal and NOT plastic cause we allllll know what happens (it breaks).

Also, it has a connector on it, so donít pull on it after it comes loose. Standard clip-on connector. Disconnect that and then theres one more thing to take off


The particle cardboard cover (the thing with 3 big holes on it in the pic). This one has 2 silvery screws with a washer each, and a clip. Undo the screws, and you can leave the clip unless you wanna take it off. I didnít because its at a weird angle for me and im already in a pretty cramped spot where iím working on it, so i just left it alone.

I got a pic of the guide, looked it straight in the eye.

THEN, you gotta locate the bracket/guide that holds the cable. Its pretty deep in there, so just kinda follow the gas pedal and everything it leads to. This is where that light comes in handy. The bracket/guide is black, but the cable is a silvery steel color, so the contrast should help you find it.

Its incredibly easy to slide it off the little guide itís on. Just move the little white piece connected to it forward (towards the cabin) and slide it off. The guide has a thin opening as wide as the width of the actual cable wrapped in clear plastic.
After you get the cable out of the guide, go to the engine side and pull it out. Donít RIP it out, cause theres little plastic things on the end of it and idk how youíll get them out if they break in between the firewall. Im sure you could do it but lets not take on more projects than needed amiright.

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01-25-2018, 03:47 PM
Nice write up. I have a fuel injected model and I was not able to find a Throttle cable from Honda.

01-25-2018, 03:59 PM
Thanks! It wouldnít be the same as a manual one, right? Cause i got mine no problem. Just had to special order it from autozone. And it wasnít directly from Honda, its a company called Pioneer Automotive Industries.

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