View Full Version : Frankenstein swap into hatchback s 87, i need your experience to be complete

01-24-2020, 12:42 PM
So to start, I own a 87' Accord Hatchback Sport, i'm located in Canada, and theres no accord that has benn produced here with gaz injection.

So, I have a couple of questions!

I've bought an EF9 SIR and changed the bottom end for a B20B with still the head of the SIR, with a RS transmission for the highway.
I have some Integra DA shift rods and 11inch spindles , Innovative eurethane motor mounts for Bseries, a walbro 255lph fuel pump, a p28 ecu with a chip and a front lower torsion bar to fit bseries in a 87' accord hatch.

Presently the motor and trans are in, but the shifter rods are not fitting because the floor is in the way.

So first question:
Is it better to bust the shit outta my floor to be able to fit the shifter rods or modify the shifter rods?

Second question:
I've made a custom cover to fit the 255lph walbro fuel pump and everithing is good on that point. Now to convert it from carbu to injection I have to pss a new gaz line. What are the other things to do except that?

Question three:
I have an OBD1 main harness from a 92/95 civic SI, and the engine harness from a 95 Integra GSR for the P28.
Do you think its a good Idea to take the main harness from the 92/95 civic SI and weld some wires to the main harness of my 87 accord hatch; (exemple of the wires, check engine,rpm, oil pressure.) and then put the power on both harness.