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10-03-2020, 02:12 AM
Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to stop and read for a bit.

I recently got my hands on what i considered to be a GEM. It came about on offer up and it wasnt very far away. Seller's asking price was 700 and i knew i had to get her..
What mostly captivated my attention was the fact that being the age that it is, it was totally stock.. Giving me an opportunity to properly educate myself before completely investing myself into anything build related.
Dont have many complaints but I do have some concerns, mostly due to kinks that come from old age.....

-Active problem: Parasidic drain coming from somewhere.
(Removed radio to ensure proper connections and checking for lose wiring, all good)(noticed that my glove box light stays on throughout regular operation, even when it's closed. I dont know if theres a sensor there or what not)
-When im driving, only when i come around 2k rpms, the car jerks just a little. Repeats for 2/3 gear enough for me to feel it.
- Currently dealing with some water leaking into the car and this is an urgent matter seeing as where i live, rain is extrmely common...
(P/S rear window doesnt properly seal, dont know if its the actual latch "out" of adjustment or i need new window seals but either way, any recommendations would be hevaily appreciated)
-Carpet needs cleaning and the beige interior on door panels needs some tlc (mostly old oil stains from alot of contact)
-Windshield wiper sprayer HOSE that runs underneath d/s fender is broke so no sprayer action but i can hear motors actuate which im happy to report.
-No AC because I D K. I think i hear the compressor kick on and knock my rpms down a bit but idk how to diagnose nunnofdhat.

I want to know if there are any possible ways of restoring the paint. It looks a little dull and around certain crevaces, it almost appears as if the original color was almost light bluish green instead of black.

Power windows work, d/s is strong but p/s needs help at the half way point of both directions. Im afraid to pull the door panel from it because its firm and hasnt been touched yet.
Retractable antenna motor actuates but the antenna itself is bent in the out position.
It's a 5 speed hahahahaha :naughty:

I want to place a quick release wheel
I want to put a body kit on it.
Short shifter would feel nice.
Not interested in dropping it, it already sits comfortably low and its already stiff on coil overs from previous owner.
I need tints/alarm and LONG LONG down the line, remote start.

Im excited to get to work... I need some suggestions please. Any help to this newbie will be thanked for and seriously taken into consideration..

10-06-2020, 05:55 AM
Get yourself a rotary buffer and some of this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0081KXJO0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Work in one direction, not circles, panel by panel, its really that simple.

You need to check if your AC is even charged, if its not it may have never been refilled, or there is a leak. You will have to clean the evaporator, if there is no freon just replace it... this is basically your cabin air filter at this point, so even if the AC is boofed its an extremely good idea. Also if there is no freon you should replace the drier before you fill it. Lastly, if the condenser is in bad shape or a source of a leak you should replace it too, the one in my 87 sucks balls and my speed greatly affects AC performance, but its full of expensive hard to get r12 replacement freon. If there is a leak, its highly likely that its just o rings on the compressor though. I should mention you need to identify the model of your ac compressor, we can tell you if you show us a pic, the Keihin/Honda compressor can not take r134a so be careful (it also just kind of sucks, ask me how I know)... I think you should have the Nippon Denso compressor though.

Take the passenger door card off, seriously these things are not held on by much lol. Replace that window motor.

You can check out Cheddas Auto for a new shifter, grab the bushing kit too, you will not regret it.

What model of coilovers do you have though? Are they ksports? If so oh buddy I envy you even though I can still buy them. If theyre stiff just turn the damping down and check the oil level in the shocks. OldBlueAccord said his rears were low on fluid when he got them and it caused a pretty good bounce. I still don't think he is 100% pleased with them still, but if you want coils for a 32 year old car you can't look a gift horse in the mouth, but you can buy softer springs for them.

10-06-2020, 10:05 PM
Very nice find! I would love an SEi, they're so rare. For the stains, I'd recommend something I got at walmart called "Spray Nine", it was very, very potent, but didn't discolor anything I sprayed it on.

Absolutely love the wheels.

Does your model have the steering wheel with the volume control on the left side? Any interest in selling it, if so?