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06-08-2002, 03:22 PM
My car is having this weird electrical problem where I will be driving down the road and the battery light will start flashing in a random pattern, barely coming on, and then it will stop. If I press on the brake or use the turn signal while it is flashing, the entire electrical system will shut down, then come back on, including the radio. Sometimes the brake light won’t even be flashing and it will go out every time I hit the brake. I’ve replaced the battery, so I know its not that… I am thinking that it might be the cable going to the battery…. Any other ideas??

06-09-2002, 08:57 AM
sounds like u might have a bad or loose ground. is your altenator good? i am sure u cleaned your battery posts. check the ground connection on your tranny and your box main frame near your battery mount. if your negative cable is frayed or brittle, try getting another one from the junk or get a 4gauge wire and hook it up. other than that, i dont know what might be wrong.

06-09-2002, 09:00 PM
sounds like a bad ground. Here is how to test. get a set of old jumper cables(preferably 10ft or shorter.) peel them apart to separate the positive from the negative so that you just end up with the negative cable. Temporarily disconnect your ground terminal from the battery post. connect one one of you jumper cable ground cable to the battery post and the other end to a good solid metal part of the enging. coil up the rest of the cable and tuck it into the engine bay. Make sure to tie the cable or zip tie it so it doesn't uncoil or fall where it doesn't belong. Start her up and take for a test drive. If your problems go away that there is your solution. if not back to the drawing board. I was so cheap, when i did this with one of my older cars. I never even bothered replacing the ground wire. just kept the jumper cable wire.

If this did solve your problem then atleast you know that it is the ground wire, and I leave it up to you to replace or not replace.

Peace out!!