View Full Version : pimpin been pimpin since been pimpin.

02-24-2004, 11:36 PM
:cool2: man this is a sweet site. any how i got a 87 lx white with the brown interior. i realy just realized the pottential this car has.so far ive pretty much just been replacing all worn suspinsion parts. and i just did the vacume removal what an exelant idier why didnt i think of that?also ihave many plans for it but im starting with the system im running audiobahn subs and amps. all flame sieries. there stuff is descent any way runing about 800 watts rms power. the trunk is now under construction. im gonna work on the susspinsion next. oh and the fluid seals. running out of power steering fluid every week sucks. what are some easy cheap upgrades i can make to the susspinsion am i spelling that right probly not. :beer:

06-20-2004, 07:57 PM
update: now i have ram air carb' manual secondary' fiberglass subbox' sei option console' 88/89 bumper/grill n sidemarkers' blue led dashlights' ported reardash' 91 lude seats' ngk plugs and wires' ive painted some intierior pieces' and my next expense is rims and tires.then exaust. next susppinsion and some intierior fiberglassing. an alarm and finally she will get some pearl white spray.maybe one day ill put a new engine in it for some better performance but right now im more interested in making it look a lot nicer and cleaner overall. fuck buying a newer car ide have a lot more fun pimping out my 3gee. and fuck all those haters who are like its a pos honda buy a truck yeehah. gimme another year and we'll see what they say then. not that i care i was never even into cars untill i got my 3gee. it brought out a lot of creative energy i never knew was there. so props to all the 3 gee owners it takes a lot of tallent to do up a 3 gee. and thank god for 3gees.com :rockon: