View Full Version : will 89 accord A20 fit in 90 prelude

07-25-2004, 05:33 PM
it would be great if it was a direct bolt in.

(yes......i used search first)

Oyvind Ryeng
07-25-2004, 06:09 PM
Nope. The Accords A20 leans forward, and the Preludes A20 leans backwards.

07-25-2004, 06:14 PM
3rd gen prelude never had A20 motors.
starting from 88-89 prelude had B20 motor, but it is not the same B20A motor you can find in 3G accords.

Oyvind Ryeng
07-25-2004, 07:25 PM
Oh, riiight. I was thinking 2G Lude. Still the same problem with interchangeability, tho'.

07-25-2004, 07:58 PM
b20a5, dohc, 110 hp, 114 tq.

07-25-2004, 10:10 PM
b20a5, dohc, 110 hp, 114 tq.

at the wheels? i found 135/127 when looking for specs