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05-11-2006, 11:55 AM
Hey I'm new to this site found it from a friend an just going threw it I had a lot of my questions answered all ready just need one more I have A 89 Honda accord lx-i hatch an I going to turbo it with a T3/T4 with about 6 psi an well you guys all ready know this that it has to pretty much home made well I need to find the most reasonable price manifold for the A20 oh an ill post pictures of her when my wife gets home.:help:

05-11-2006, 01:12 PM
you will have to get a custom built manifold.

sam at bmc race will sell you all the flanges you could want. and you can hit up mcmaster or summit for elbows and T's.

better hope you know a good welding outfit, or pay one of the guys on H-T or HMT to build one for you. the problem is clearances. most people have to use a different front motor mount (i would just run solid aluminum mount or something along those lines) and you will probably need to run a narrow and thick civic radiator so that there is actually room for the turbo to sit in front of the motor.

obviously it will be most affordable to get a log manifold built, you can probably have one made for around $250 - $350 depending on materials and who does it for you.

i am still trying to figure out a slick top mount turbo setup with a tubular manifold that would allow me to keep my stock radiator but still have room for the turbo. :)

ps: i moved this thread to the forced induction forum for ya

pps: welcome to 3geez. im glad to see new members who start off their posts in the right section (performance!) :D :D

05-11-2006, 01:57 PM
T3/T4 is a waste for 6psi, a straight T3 would give you better results for cheap. 6psi is pretty weak also, once you hit 6 youll grow out of that in about a day or a week. My 135k mile stock A20 held 8-10psi for one year, then 13psi for the last 2 seasons... i only had a failure because of a bad oil pump and bearings, the pistons were perfect, even though ive hit as high as 16-17psi. The stock engine is very strong if you tune conservatively and put the turbo system together correctly (fuel managemant, spark managemant), id say 9-10 psi at least to make it worth your while, thats a good increase over stock and or 6psi.