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09-05-2006, 09:32 PM
Okay so I've got a set of Konis for my car. I bought the fronts and rears seperately. I thought that I would post the part numbers on here so that we would at least have a reference. There are a couple questions that I have about my struts too, and I'm going to call Koni tomorrow and find out what they have to say about it.

First off, I bought these struts off of eBay. They were listed to work on an 84-85 Accord. It didn't mention that they would work on an 82-83. These struts are externally adjustable, and even came with a cool little knob to adjust them. I question whether or not they will actually fit my car. If they do fit, perhaps I can find a set that is externally adjustable for the front of my car as well. If you do a Google search for that part number it brings up the following information from another eBay auction:

You are bidding on a pair of new (nos) Koni adjustable gas shocks still in the original factory box and complete with new installation parts. Koni # 8641-1082. They fit the rear of all models of the Honda Prelude 1983-1987 and Honda Accord all models 1984-1985. They replace the models with the sealed rear strut top, the SHOWA rear damper. If you have the screw top Tokico type, please see our other listing for Koni # 8641-1081. The last wholesale price per pair was $287.76.

These I bought off of ClassicGarage.com. They are listed on that site as fitting the front for an 82-85. They're also listed here (http://www.hdrogers.com/asianparts.html) as being for an 82-85. I feel 100% confident that they're actually for that. Guyhatesmycar also has a set of these he bought on an eBay auction as a complete set along with Koni part numbers 86-2217 allegedly for the rears. These are only adjustable out of the car.

These were bought in a full set with the fronts off of eBay by Guyhatesmycar. They came with a set of 86-2216's that I mentioned above. I have Googled this as well and they only mention that they fit 82-83. I am going to ask Koni about these tomorrow as well, as I thought that the suspension from 82-85 was the same. I'm starting to wonder if there was something different in the rears from 82-83 and 84-85. These are also only adjustable out of the car.

So when I call Koni tomorrow, I'll post what I find out. If theres a full set of externally adjustable shocks available for 82-85 that would be pretty sweet. If not, I'll have a set of shocks for something else and will have to hunt down a set of rear shocks for my car again.

09-05-2006, 09:35 PM
Interesting, we need to get together and figure out what's what.

09-06-2006, 08:19 AM
Allright, so I called Koni, and it sounds like we both may be in luck.

They said that 86-2216 is for sure the front shocks for 82-85. So no problem there. I asked them if they can be rebuilt for external adjusting, and they said that it can in-fact be done... It's a very tempting offer.

Now they said that for the rears, that 86-2217 is listed as only for 82-83. The part number for the 84-85 is 86-2323. He says there's a good chance that they might still work, but he says they're definitely valved differently. He also noted that the 86-2323 will fit the 83-85 Prelude.

Also, as for the 8641-1082 that I have that are externally adjustable, Koni says that they are listed as for the 83-85 Prelude rears. He says that since the other rears for the Prelude say they fit the 84-85 Accord, he doesn't see why the 8641-1082 won't fit the Accord as well.

Now I suppose the only question remaining is, are the rear shocks from 82-83 the same as 84-85, other than some valving that Koni may have changed... And do the Preludes and Accords in-fact have the same rear suspension? They sure do look the same at the bottom, but I can't speak for the tops of the strut towers.


I guess I should sum this up:

86-2216: Front Shocks for 82-85 Accord. Compress to adjust.
86-2217: Rear Shocks for 82-83 Accord. Compress to adjust. (Might fit 84-85 Accord)
86-2323: Rear Shocks for 84-85 Accord. Compress to adjust. (Might fit 82-83 Accord)
8641-1082: Rear shocks for 83-85 Prelude. Externally Adjustable. Also fit 84-85 Accord (Might fit 82-83 Accord)

09-06-2006, 02:06 PM
^^^mods sticky that info for future 2nd gen owners^^^

09-06-2006, 08:31 PM
Great info. Sticked :D

02-04-2007, 01:58 AM
I just wanted to add a little info to this thread. I WAS able to install the Prelude rear struts into the Accord. So they do actually work.

06-01-2007, 05:08 PM
i bought the same off ebay did you have to dissasemble your sturts and slip them inside the housing like the instructions said

06-02-2007, 12:46 AM
i bought the same off ebay did you have to dissasemble your sturts and slip them inside the housing like the instructions said

Not just disassemble, cut them apart. :)

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