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11-01-2006, 10:00 PM
Well long story short, sort of.
Last year (mid-summer) my original green MR2 was involved in a hit & run, so iI found a new shell a month later, that came with a few goodies (lowering springs, Ebay Crystal Claer H4 housings, and sever other things. Anyhow, I was super excited about my lighting (had just purchase new taillights too), but once I upgraded my MR2 to HID's w/ Hellas, I swapped the housing into my Accord (ignorantly thinking they were still nice housings). So months go by after owning my HID’s in my MR2, and when I go back to drive in the Accord… OMG it was then that I realized how crappy those housings were, the light just scatters everywhere, making it difficult to see at night.
I had heard good things about the Autopal housings for the price, so I ordered them last week thursday from a fellow MR2 owner (they were brand new).
I received the housings on Monday, and I was skeptical at first… because when I opened the package the housing was slightly different than the Hella’s that I have The housing didn’t have a reflector inside the housing like the Hella did. But I went through with the install anyway, and the results were still a lot better. The light output is more defined, and I didn’t have to flip the housings upside down to get the beams to light up properly. Sure they’re not as flashy as the ebay crystal clear housings, but the output was so much better!
Here are some comparison pictures on my Accord (sorry about the crappy pics)
Right Headlight - (eBay) Crystal Clear H4 Housing
http://carpron.com/multisite/d/109120-2/Headlight+left+-+_eBay_+Crystal+Clear.JPG (http://carpron.com/multisite/d/109121-1/Headlight+left+-+_eBay_+Crystal+Clear.JPG)
http://carpron.com/multisite/d/109123-2/Headlight+left+-+_eBay_+Crystal+Clear+1.JPG (http://carpron.com/multisite/d/109124-1/Headlight+left+-+_eBay_+Crystal+Clear+1.JPG)
**these housings are so crappy that I had to install them upside down to get the beam patters to work properly. If I were to install the way the housing says (it says where the top should be), the low beams would point up & the high beams would point down.
Left Headlight – Autopal Housing
http://carpron.com/multisite/d/109126-2/Headlight+right+-+Autopal.JPG (http://carpron.com/multisite/d/109127-1/Headlight+right+-+Autopal.JPG)
http://carpron.com/multisite/d/109129-2/Headlight+right+-+Autopal+1.JPG (http://carpron.com/multisite/d/109130-1/Headlight+right+-+Autopal+1.JPG)
Let me know what you gusy think

11-02-2006, 05:52 AM
i hace the auto pal e codes and ill tell u what for the price they kick ass

11-02-2006, 07:09 AM
LOL, i bought diamond cut ones from ebay. and like you said the light was upside down. but even if you flip them they still don't work right.

11-02-2006, 07:56 PM
sounds like what i did with some APC ones that i had at one time, had to flip them over and still didnt work correctly. those auto pals are nice though. way better than what i have with the ones i have now.