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01-01-2007, 02:42 PM
hi guys!, happy new year by the way...
i've been reading this forum for quite a while... a lot of good information!
i have a problem with my alarm... well 3 problems...
i just bought a cheapo.ebay alarm... i only whant the alarm for the starter killer and the remote door lock.
the little schematic that comes with the alarm is a PITA to read.. here it is...

1st) the starter killer relay!!! hate that thing! i've been playing with it for 2 days now!...
here is what i did....
i cut te black/white starter cable an did this..

am i missing something??? i don't know??? the alarm one is armed or when is activated it doesn't send a signal or the (-) signal o trigger the relay...
does it have something to do with the tach sensor cable?? (all the wiring diagrams show that cable but i don't know whats that for)..

2nd) the central locking... once i connect all the cables to the alarm.. the stock door swith to control the locks doesn't work anymore.. i don't know why???
and the locks works perfectly with the alarm.

3rd and last) the domelight cable!. i have search all the wires for that.. i only found the one for the driver side trigger!... (and it works but i want to work from all the doors)
i even try hooking up the wire directly from the domelight in the headlinner and nothing...

thank you for your help.

POS carb
01-10-2007, 10:57 AM
1) it looks like the yellow wire is the (-) for the interrupt relay. You should hook up the relay in line with the blk/wht wire to the normally open (no continuity until the Yel wire grounds it) you also use this blk/wht wire to activate the relay. the brain will stop the relay from clicking with the yellow ground wire. you also need to make sure your alarm brain receives power while cranking, not all circuits do.

2) check the polarity of your door lock triggers, some alarms have a setting to switch between + and -

3) you should be able to use the blk/wht wire in the dome light to activate on all doors if the stock wiring is correct. you can also tap the wire behind the instrument cluster (thats where it goes to) as well as the trunk trigger wire.