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09-01-2008, 11:09 PM
hi guys, well my honda has sum issues with its power steering. this is the third pump that went into the car. the first 2 were from 1st geez and had the metal pressure hose. 1st had an awful groaning noise when turning ne direction...thats was instantly junked. the 2nd worked well when i turn to the right bt had a slight groan when i turn to the left. this turned more intense n started to get stuck at certain positions of the steering.

i now have a 2gen pump from an EK with the rubber hose. it looks very similar and mounts the same as well. however this pump required a valve at the pressure hose to prevent back-flow. initially when it groaned on one direction, till i realised i was using the old metal hose. so i installed the rubber hose and valve (EXPENSIVE) and this worked excellently.

now here is the issue. at times when im at around 40kmh, i take a turn and there would be a screeching sound coming from the pump indicating strain. this sound would even come up when doing a light 60degree turn. it isnt loud but it doesnt make sense as i do not here this sound when i turn when the car is stationary. (this is the same sound you would here when you turn the steering maximum either direction on most p.steering early hondas) the steering gets a little heavy at this time. i do know the p.steering is speed sensitive but 40kmh is a little too over-zealous to me. my speed sensor gvs faulty readings, about 10kmh higher than normal. but still at 50kmh it should make this noise. bt i am wondering, is this normal for early p.steering? could it be the speed sensor or the pump? could the 2gen speed sensor fit on the 1g or would the gear be different?

regards, dev...