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10-17-2008, 06:24 AM
hi guys, well as hazwan warned, the power steering has been giving me aching issues to get her running right. it is a mile better than what is was when i first installed her but now she tends to give different issues.

when i first start of, i can turn the wheel lock to lock without any whining, apart from when i hit the ends... even when i drive the p.steering works like a champ whenever i turn. however, whenever i run for a while (20mins), whenever i take a turn at around 40kmh, there is an asthmatic like whine.... indicating strain. but when i turn the wheel when idle even after an hour of driving she seems fine, hence the symptom is only notice when the car is in motion.

i run regular universal oil (reddish colour-looks like brake fluid) in my accord. its the same stuff that i use in my 88' mercedes. i heard hondas have a specific power steering fluid. however i have yet to find any 'honda power steering fluid' around. i know i should try the dealership but im sure that most older hondas just run universal power steering fluid and the seem fine. it seems that when heated, the oil loses its viscosity and causes the strain to occur. am i right? if so what is the 'correct' grade of the oil? Hazwan…what power steering oil did you use on urs??

the cooling element has been fitted correctly infront of the radiator so i believe there shouldnt be any issues here. also i noticed even after i drive on the freeway for an hour, there is no such symptom. hence the cooler is doing its work....

any ideas??? i desperately need help.....

10-18-2008, 09:46 AM
Yes, Honda uses a specific type of fluid. I have purchased it at Auto Zone, Wal Mart, O'Reilly's and NAPA. It is not "universal" fluid. It says it is made for Honda and Acura on the bottle. I don't know specifically what makes it different, but I do know using the other types of fluid will accelerate leakage and cause a host of P/S problems. Your best bet in the near term is to get a few bottles, drain or siphon your reservoir, and flush out as much of what you have in there right now as you can. If you don't currently have leaks you may improve your issues.

10-18-2008, 09:47 AM
Maybe the other guys can help here because I am not familiar enough with the pre-3g Accords to say anything more.

10-18-2008, 01:14 PM
I know how newer Honda requires its own PS fluid, but not sure about the older generations. They can be had at any parts store, at least in my area. I was going to warn you about the Honda fluid but I keep on forgetting. It worth a shot flushing the old fluid and put Honda fluid in. No leaks yet I guess?

10-19-2008, 11:51 AM
thank god my power steering has done everything BUT leak!! haha... as stated in the owner's hand-book, HONDAs require ONLY HONDA POWER STEERING FLUID. haha... well i think it seems like a trip to the dealership on my next hols... i really do not want the p.steering to leak on me. i have no chance to get the parts. even if it doesnt help the issues i have right now but at least it would save the p.steering system in the long-run. also i think the overheating is coupled with the over-zealous speed sensor. i really need hazwan in on this one. thank god he would be paying my dad a visit end of this month.

fyi my speed sensor is telling me that im doing 10kmh above what i truely am going at. and the needle tends to wobble ever so slightly when im going above 60kmh. i had replaced the cable before and she was fine till i had to give away the old manual speed sensor and replace it with the current power steering speed sensor.

thanks hazwan in advance....i truely owe u...

p.s. lemme noe when ul be goin over, il tell my dad to photocopy the 1g handbook for you...hehe

10-19-2008, 02:52 PM
Well, almost every manufacturer stated in the manual to use their own fluid, but its a special case on this one. From what I know, non-Honda fluid eat the seals in the system, causing it to leak. Flush it out immediately!

Is the sensor mounted correctly? I know if its slightly loose, the speedo will bounce and reads slightly lower(?). I don't know why yours read 10km/h higher. I know mine reads 5km/h higher (verified with GPS) but then my tires are slightly larger in diameter.

10-19-2008, 10:48 PM
my tyres are 175/ 70/ 13.... least i believe so, cant remember actually. dad fitted some silverstone synergy M3 or sum silverstone shit..... aaargh!!! he just knows how to annoy me. anyway, since the thinkness of the tyre itself is rather think (70). it should be about the same diameter, hub to tyre thread. i guess 5kmh higher isnt such an issue but 10kmh? perhaps i suspect maybe more. anyway, im very very sure my manual speed speed sensor, that ur gonna inherit gives correct readings. i have tested it on some of the fly-overs in KL and it is acurate. at most about 2kmh off. i still feel it is some issues with the gears on the speed sensor or it was incorrectly installed onto the gearbox. anyway, you could always test it when you meet my dad. il tell him to take you for a drive. dad almost never lets anyone drive any of his cars. not even the mechanics, apart from me of course. my mum, bro in law and my 2 sisters have been deprived of the car..hehe... anyway, you see what the issue with it during the drive. either way you might be taking a drive with my dad to my mechanic, the body shop is beside the mechanics. i could get both jobs done, the swap the speed sensors and the over-riders at the same time.....unless u wish to do it urself. that is up to you entirely...

as for the power steering fluid. where do you get it? what do i ask for. when i ask for honda power steering, they would bring the same old rubbish universal shit. please dont tell me i would have to go to the dealership. buhuhu..... anyway, il tell my dad bout the p.steering fluid....regards, dev....

10-20-2008, 06:35 AM
I got an IM from you the other day... I thought that you fixed it?

10-20-2008, 12:25 PM
well, i thought it was fixed. i asked the local part store (same place that has the cool steering wheel). they said that to date they use the universal power steering oil on ALL pre-90 hondas. they said,"It will do." the have never heard of honda only power steering oil and were blurr when i asked. weird, judging that they have owned the shop for the past 30years or so. i really thought that they ought to know such things. guess they have lots of power steering repair kits in stock and think they would be better off making people replace their power steering kits rather than just have the honda only, PS fluid.

anyway, as per the speed sensor, it may be a small reason why this occurs but it doesnt explain why it is all perfect when the engine is still cold..lock-lock... once hot, the system plays these tricks. someone mentioned it might be a faulty pump. i had, two faulty pumps prior to this unit. they both groaned when i turned the wheel. they would even lock out when in turning 45degrees left. i would have to use a little more force to get out of that position. worse than this, it would NEVER recoil whenever i turn the wheel! it had DANGER writen all over it. now the new pump works very very well when cold. just when its warm, and when im running at speed, it would make make sum squishing (donno how else to put it) sounds and there would be a slight judder at the wheel. this occurs when il taking the turn and but the wheel is at a static position. i could live with this but really dont want it to get any worse as i dont wanna go around looking for any other parts as i simply cant find them... regards, dev

10-21-2008, 11:16 PM
well yes its done, my dad sent me an SMS stating that the old car made its 1st trip to the dealership in years. he got the original power steering fluid from the dealership for RM26 or around USD$7 per litre of power steering fluid. he said it look a lot like DOT4 brake fluid. he got the system flushed and got the new fluid in. he says that the judder is 'less' on the wheel. i dont know what he means by less cause as i know it takes quite a while of driving to feel the judder. i think the fluid is just being propely bleed through the system as all the seals would have to soak up the new fluid. least i hope. anyhow i need to drive her myself to feel if there is any difference. this would least buy me some time as i know that there would be no further damage to the rack or pump. now i just need to wait on hazwan to get me the new speed sensor. that would finish the job i guess..i hope..
regards, dev....

anyone with any diagrams on the power steering system. manuals perhaps, would be a great deal of help. also, i wanted to ask how the steering recoil function works on the car? there is a chance that this issue has something to do with that as the sound and judder only comes when im taking a turn at speed, however the steering itself is motionless...

08-31-2009, 02:17 PM
I noticed my power steering pump leaking on my 04 SVT. I pulled the pump off tonight PITA and will be looking for a new pump tomorrow. My fluid was black and smells pretty burnt. I dont know if the fluid had anything to do with killing my pump, but feel it didnt help