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09-27-2002, 03:38 PM
I was browsing Preludeonline classified section looking for a 3rd gen Lude 2.0SI DC header. There is a guy (user name sharkcohen) who wants to sell his with a broken engine bracket. I could care less if it's broken so I want to contact him to see how much he wants and also to make sure it's for the 2.0SI. Unfortunately, my account doesn't allow me to see any of the profiles or e-mail addresses on that site since I need to send a $6 member fee by MO and get approved which will take who knows how long. If any "approved" members can help me out by getting his contact info or if someone knows this guy or anyone else with a used header for sale, please let me know how to get a hold of him/her. The thread link is here: http://www.preludeonline.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=87016&highlight=DC+header

09-27-2002, 06:37 PM
i dont have an account either but it lets me PM him. cept that it says his PM's are full and cant except anymore :huh:

i refuse to pay to post on that site though. it sux a lot of ass. i happily donated to hp.com. RIP oh great one.... :bow: HondaPrelude.com

09-27-2002, 11:50 PM
Thanks for trying! I tried the PM option and got the page that says you don't have access rights. If you don't mind, if you ever get a hold of him through PM, can you pass on my e-mail address please?? It's [email protected] BTW, I also miss HP.com