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03-14-2011, 07:50 PM
the eyeball part will come in a while, but anyway, I had built the original body of these air cleaners before, but I was never happy with the velocity stacks, and I hadn't figured out how to make the elements, I decided to take the existing bodies and change a few things around.
I'm going to copy part of this thread from my carburetor thread, then I will b adding a bunch of new pictures. to start, this is from the SU thread.

I had found a Datsun original air cleaner base and THOUGHT it would match my carbs, wrong!! I wanted the factory velocity stacks and mounting bases off of it, it turns out after all this work the holes didn't line up, I fixed that, but more on that in a few minutes, I have no idea what they made this air cleaner out of, but it's just sheet metal right? again wrong, I don't know if they hardened it, or it's still radioactive from WW2, but I'm having a horrible time cutting the stuff, it cuts strange, machines strange, and welds strange, It might be 409 stainless, it looks like regular steel. whatever it is, it's some tough stuff,

this is what I started with,


and then removed the parts I wanted


after a lot of cutting, and grinding, sanding, cussing, etc, I ended up with two of these, since the holes don't line up, I'll turn then 90 degrees on the base plates, before welding them on, then they will get the mounting holes, and piston air passage holes drilled.


and I end up with one of these, there are a lot more then a single weld, I just had to add one after it was blasted





these were the original velocity stacks I had made


this is how I formed the screen


I'll be going into this in much more detail, I still have one more of these bastards to make. I will take a lot more pictures of all the steps during the next one

this is now, I took a bunch of pictures of making the second air cleaner today, and the eyeball part will come in at the very end of this thread.
second post in a few minutes

03-14-2011, 08:20 PM
I needed to transfer the existing holes in the air cleaner bodies first, I made these three pointed pieces, out of 10-32 bolts, then used them to find the holes in the piece of paper, once the holes were marked, I taped the paper to the piece of stainless steel, and punched the center of the three holes, I have a specific carbide scribe that I abuse as a hole marking tool, it makes a much more precise mark then a standard punch. Once I make the first marks, I can go back and make a heavier punch mark with the regular punch.


once I drill the three holes, I can screw down the air cleaner, and mark the perimeter,



once it's marked, I sheared off as much material as possible on the shear.


this is the plate ready to machine the edges



center drilling the plate


03-14-2011, 08:37 PM
Drilling the pilot hole


I'm missing a picture somewhere, I have a large carbide tapered reamer, I used this to bring the hole to size.

this is the velocity stack reamed and ready to weld.


and welded



I haven't drilled the holes for mounting the air cleaner yet, or the cent hole for the piston, I'm waiting until I get a proper gasket first,before doing that.

03-14-2011, 09:04 PM
:thumbup:this is gonna be killer! i really hope you do decide to try out that supercharger setup you mentioned earlier

03-14-2011, 09:14 PM
wait until you see the paint done

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^ lol... awesome :D

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^ lol... awesome :D
I do think I'm going to change the iris from blue to green though, needs more contrast. If anyone happens to look around the ends of my carbs, they might get a shock when they look back :bowrofl:

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thats just nasty!!! i LOVE IT!!

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Wow!!! :omg:

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Can you please fabricate a perpetual motion machine for me? LOL!

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Pretty fun haha, good job.

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In the post apocalyptic wasteland I want Lost to be my roommate!

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In the post apocalyptic wasteland I want Lost to be my roommate!


03-19-2011, 08:21 PM
what you are looking at, is screen over foam, the foam sits against the velocity stack, it's filter foam, then the screen fits over it, and the retainer fits over the screen. the whole thing is held in by the big circlips. I'm mainly concerned about air going into the velocity stacks, if some unfiltered air leaks around the edges of the stacks, it's not going to hurt anything, the only thing using that air, are the air passages for the domes on the SU's, the diameter of the velocity stacks is smaller then the retainer, so there's space around them

06-11-2011, 07:39 AM

haha....those blood vessels are quite scary:ugh: