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04-05-2012, 10:13 PM
My names Brad and live in SE Texas (Beaumont to be exact). Just got me this "lovely" '86 DX. She is rougher shape than described to but it doesn't need a re-spray so I can wipe $3,000 from the cost I expected to pay. He also dropped the price down to only $100 now (was $150)






The inside of the car has been exposed to the lovely SE Texas weather for several months. First thing is to get the inside stripped out and make sure everything is fine. I WILL BE MAKING A FOR SALE THREAD FOR SOME ITEMS OFF OF THE CAR, SO BE ON THE LOOK OUT.

I think the best thing about the entire transaction is the vehicle the owner daily drives.........1986 Prelude Si =). He took the luggage rack off my DX for his car, which I did not mind at all. The cars interior is cleaner than any 1-2 year used cars we have on the lot here (I work at a Honda dealership).



04-05-2012, 10:43 PM
that Si looks clean. other than the obvious, what does the other prelude need?

04-06-2012, 05:25 AM
rear windshield
passenger quarter glass
passenger door glass

driver door panel

Under Hood
Rebuilt/used motor
new brakes (not needed but these are pretty much sitting in dirt)

So overall for a $100 buy I'd say not too terribly bad.

04-06-2012, 06:19 AM
well the main thing is you have a pretty mint body to work with :thumbup:

04-06-2012, 08:46 PM
The body does look good! Whats wrong with the engine?

04-07-2012, 05:13 AM
I haven't been able to go over it yet. The valve cover was taken off and it set that way for 8-10 months....I'm "thinking" it is probably seized, but not sure.

04-07-2012, 09:11 AM
Oh yeah! Another backyard special! My second Accord was a backyard special. The owner had thrown a timing belt, then tried to rebuild the engine on the cheap. It promptly threw a bearing and destroyed the crankshaft. It was sitting in his back yard with the crankshaft in the trunk when I bought it from him. It was in surprisingly good condition otherwise. The upholstery was completely shredded but everything else was ship shape. I rebuilt the engine and drove happy for another 50k before selling it. You definitely got a good price on yours, so you can invest a lot in it and not feel bad.

04-08-2012, 09:17 AM
Dude, im glad to see you on classicprelude! Welcome!

04-09-2012, 11:34 AM
well the guy who had it before me has sourced me rear glass and passenger glass, and possibly new door linings. I work a Honda dealership in the parts department and even I'm coming up empty handed....this previous owner might be a big lifeline for parts.

04-09-2012, 07:13 PM
that's awesome!! Finding parts for these little diddies is the hardest thing!

05-26-2012, 08:09 AM
So whats the status with this little car? You got the 'ole girl running yet?

06-02-2012, 09:56 AM
Status status status!!!!!!!!