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05-10-2012, 10:15 AM
So I finally decided to start a build thread for my 1988 Accord DX Coupe after considering if I was going to build it up or not. I love these cars, this is my second one! It took some time and consideration especially since I will be married in a month, but after much consideration and thought I concluded that it is cheaper to fix what I have rather than make monthly payments and still have to pay for repairs that I would otherwise not be able to handle on a newer ride. Besides, my wife can drive the newer car. :lol: My build's main purpose is a daily driver, so it will progress as I drive it. My plan is to build it to handle well enough for autocross but still able to get me around during winter. I am also considering building it as a possible rally-like car to handle the rough roads and winter conditions (basically lift it some for more clearance and have several sets of tires for different conditions). I will get some pics of it up as soon as I can, For now here is everything that has been done to it so far:

New brakes and rotors
New battery
New CV axles
New PCV system (Next week, ugh... :burn:)
Stage 2 vacuum removal with new lines and mechanical secondary conversion
New gaskets, Valve cover, dist. O-ring, pan, oil filter base...
Rebuilt OEM Carb from holley (Was a steal for $130, hehe)
New fuel filters
Carb lid flip (Yes I know it does not add any performance increase, but I will be chopping it up to make an open style air cleaner)
Complete tune up, wires plugs cap rotor.

More to come in the near future.

05-13-2012, 07:05 PM
No pics?

05-16-2012, 10:38 AM
No pics?

Not yet, I am still waiting on some parts to finish changing leaky gaskets and replacing the pcv hoses. Once that is done I am going to clean her up for pictures. I figure since I am replacing parts I might as well wait to do it all at once.